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Transforming education into an experience, in Arabic.

ehki, a new educational platform that focuses on sharing ideas, thoughts and innovations.


Why choose ehki?

ehki is a dynamic platform that inspires and educates people throughout the Middle East and North Africa. We feature top-rated experts, artists, intellectuals, and celebrities who share their insights, stories, and ideas in a variety of formats, including online content and live events. 

We celebrate diversity and inclusivity and offer live events, talks, interactive Q&A sessions, and community forums. 

Our work aims to inspire positive change and foster a culture of innovation and progress in the region

About Us


To foster innovation, diversity, and positive change in the Middle East and North Africa


To inspire and educate by featuring top experts, artists, intellectuals, and celebrities throughout the Middle East and North Africa

What makes us different?


Lean from the best

Welcome to ehki, your go-to platform for inspiring talks and events featuring top speakers, innovators, and professionals in the MENA region.


Build your network

Your network is your net worth.
At ehki, connect with smart, cultured, and knowledgeable individuals for endless possibilities.


Unlimited knowledge

At ehki, we believe in unlimited access to knowledge. Our platform offers engaging event, talks and workshops to help you learn, grow, and discover new perspectives.

What We Offer


Hosting live events in all Arabs countries and bringing together thinkers and doers to help share new ideas.


Creating a library of informative talks on our online platform for free.


Aspiring to create a like-minded community that seeks a never-ending education.

Meet the team

Mazen Iskandar


“For us, ehki is an immersive educational journey as well as a solution that helps everyone to continue learning and expanding their horizons in our region and in Arabic.”

Tannous Iskandar


“ehki is, at its core, the community it created. A collection of knowledge seekers and thinkers from all backgrounds, gathered to share and inspire others around.”

Charbel Eid

Content & Partnerships

“ehki is where the future happens. We bring the greatest minds together, allow them to discuss their dreams, and give them the tools to achieve them.”


Ready for an immersive experience?
Let's get there, together.

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