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ehki Governance

December 14, 2023
Esa business school, Beirut, Lebanon

The first event of the ehki ESG series, aiming to address key aspects that investors take into account when assessing a business, namely ecological sustainability , social responsibility and corporate governance.

Governance in family businesses

Elevate your family business by gaining a profound understanding of governance principles, learning to identify and overcome unique challenges faced by family businesses across different growth stages, connect with governance experts and industry leaders and get inspired from thriving family businesses that have excelled in governance.

Main Titles and Featured Speakers

Meet and greet 10:00 - 10:50 AM

An ehki event cannot start properly without the attendees getting the time to meet and talk to each other. Arrive early to get the chance to talk to other attendees, invitees and members of the ehki team that will be present.

Introduction - Section 1: What is governance? 10:50 - 11:30 AM

Tannous Iskandar and Hadi El Assaad will give a 10 minute introduction to the event and discuss ehki’s mission and the work done at IFG.

Following that will be a talk delving into the concept of governance and elucidating its importance for family businesses.

Hadi El Assaad

Director of IFG

Event Introduction

Maissa Abou Adal

CSO – Holdal Group

Governance Challenges and Stages of Growth

Fadi Debbane

CEO at Debbane-Saykali Group

Governance Challenges and Stages of Growth

Section 2: Family businesses. 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Maissa Abou Adal and Fadi Debbane will discuss the different stages of growth of family businesses and the main challenges they have  to face along their journey.

Coffee Break 12:30 - 1:00 PM

Section 3: Success Stories. 1:00 - 2:30 PM

We’ll hear beautiful success stories from three family businesses that were able to overcome great challenges. 

Rima Freiji, Roger Zaccar and Cynthia Abou Khater will give us advice on employment policy, setting up a board of directors, shareholders matters, allocation of corporate capital and Succession Planning.

Roger Zaccar

CEO at Commercial Insurance

Success Story

Cynthia Abou Khater

Technica International

Success Story

Rima Freiji

CEO at Tanmia, President of the Lebanese Private Sector Network

Success Story

Lunch and Networking Session 2:30 - 3:15 PM

Section 4: Advisory Board. 3:15 - 4:15 PM


Dora Hokayem will explain how setting up an advisory board that complements the skills and qualifications of current directors is the right step towards converging into a fully professional board. 

Dora Hokayem

General Manager at Arnaoon

Talk: Advisory Board